Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Postcards from The available as a Really Great Book

Dear Reader,

After so long away from the blog keyboard I'm now back with some very important news....well, very important news to me but just perchance of little import to you.

That's unless you have been waiting with growing impatience these few years for my blogging output to be collected into one unforgettable and un-put-downable BOOK.

Here's what I have so modestly said in my eStore blurb about this Book Sale Event:

"11 months house exchange in the sticks in France! What will you DO?" was the constant question asked of us by our friends. "Simply a day at a time!" was our reply. "But you don't even speak French!!!" they cried. "Hang on", we replied, somewhat miffed, "we've been studying the language  diligently under our Professeur, Patricia, at the University of the Third Age. We can even say: bonjour mes amis."

We are two not-so-young retired Australians who love France and we wanted the real experience of actually living in France, not just the "18-day typical drive-through just $8,543 discounted if you book NOW" experience.

We were seeking authenticity! And we found it. In the tiny hamlet of "La Petite Ferme" located between two small and unremarkable French provincial towns in the "Department de la Chatente". Now, the Charente definitely is not Provence nor is it on the banks of the Loire. It's rural France with a capital R. The location might be unremarkable, but the experience was most remarkable.

The simple adventure of shopping in supermarkets and street markets almost as a local. The time to discover the treasures of our countryside, the lane ways and walkways, the village "vide greniers" (car boot sales). The opportunity that arose in an unlikely quarter to develop lasting friendships.

With a laid-back, humourous style Bryan captures the essence of our wonderful experience in a series of Postcards home. They are true to the experience, peppered with real people, all stories and events real and unadorned. This truly is a delightful read.

Actually what this book of Postcards now reveals is something more of the real life behind the magical moments of our Exchange. 

This version is in Black & White meaning that the 37 pictures are in B&W. I have published it this way to keep the price down to US$12.50.

Full Colour Version is also available now! I now published my wonderful book in full colour under the title "Postcards from La Charente". The minimum price allowed by my self-publishing house will be US$30.00 buying from Amazon or CreateSpace. The colour version is definitely the way to go...much more evocative of the experience.

Now, where can you rush out and buy my book. It's available from and from the various Amazon European websites and the CreateSpace eStore at this address;

Buying in Australia? Best price for "Postcards from La Charente" (the colour version) is to buy from me direct, ordering by email to    Price: $27.00 (AUD) plus postage

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